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John Say


in 1979, I wrote my first game program. It was quite simple compared to today's standards, but that didn't matter. Flash forward 39 years, I am still blown away by the power of combining ideas with art and technology. From that small spark I was motivated to build those skills over hundreds of projects while running a business. My love for the craft is only eclipsed by my desire to push its boundaries to better effect. In time I have also loved bringing like-minded people together to take on more ambitious projects. Every time is a new learning experience that leads to more growth. I am convinced there is no problem too great that cannot be remedied with the bringing together of creative minds and technology.

Troy Dunniway,
Vice President

I get most excitement from building innovative and market changing “blue ocean” products on time and on budget in order to create new opportunities and not just follow the market. I have 25 Years experience as a Creative Director, Designer, Art Director, UX Designer, Producer, General Manager and Director of Production on over 100 Titles at major AAA studios like Microsoft, EA & Disney. I have more than 6 years experience in Free to Play and Mobile. I'm also experienced in VR game and ride design. Before games and interactive I was in Movie & TV Executive production, special effects and scriptwriting.

Angela Nardolillo
Creative Director

I am a passionate artist in all things digital. I have over 10 years experience in online media marketing campaigns, documentaries, designing games, characters and animations, key art and branding, directing and editing, copy writing and mobile apps. I would say my greatest strength is understanding the audience. Being well-traveled has influenced many areas of my work. I am multi-lingual, a humanitarian, and I enjoy the execution more than the idea.

David Mullich,
Director of Development


I have produced over sixty video games ranging from casual and educational games to AAA hits for such publishers as Activision, Bandai, Disney, Encyclopedia Britannica, Mattel, Spinmaster, and The 3DO Company. I am co-creator of the Boy Scouts Game Design Merit Badge and was listed among the 14 leading gamification gurus in social media at the 2014 World Gamification Congress in Barcelona, Spain, I have spoken at the Game Developers Conference, USC Institute of Multimedia Literacy, Loyola Marymount University and many other venues about such topics as game design, game-based learning, and virtual worlds.

Mark Bradshaw,
Technology Director

I'm a game designer with over 20 years of software development experience. I have worked on embedded systems programming in C for toys, simulations with hardware integration, mobile games for iPhone and Android, Game Consoles, to the latest VR systems using C# and Unity. I have developed more than 50 published game products for companies like Sega, Hasbro, Microprose, THQ, and Activision. I've handled hardware and software integration for toys, interactive experiences for Theme Parks, embedded micro-controllers as well as image recognition systems. I take any product and make it better with creative ideas and an intuitive sense of what the user wants.

Joe Arroyo
Systems Architecture

I have over 16 years of experience in IT. I have been responsible for Web Systems support for both large and small-scale project teams in enterprise banking and medical industries. I have performed in many roles including WebSphere Portal Architect, Systems Engineer, Operations Specialist, Unix Systems Administration and WebSphere Engineer. My industry experience includes investment and banking, manufacturing and software service. I have excellent communication skills, work ethics and the ability to work well in a team or individual environment. Specialties include: Web Servers,
Application Servers, Portals, Web Content, & SSO/Security.


What they say.

Not only did Say Design finish the game on time after an impossible 2 week turnaround leading up to the new season debut, but their game broke all the records across all of our five game portals and was still most popular Web game after a year.

The Disney Channel

Over the past few months since Say Design updated and refreshed our website and created the new design for our logo and business cards, Roberta Shindler and I have received numerous unsolicited compliments about how smart and creative the entire package is.

Marty Shindler, CEO
The Shindler Perspective

The experience actually was the second most popular in the park. It had over 2 hour line wait but still the guests kept coming back to try again to see what other surprises were to be found.




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