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Case Study #1

Goofy's Paint 'N' Play House!

Type: 3D Animated Shooting Gallery
Launch: Spring of 2012 in Tokyo, Japan
Client: Disney Imagineering

PIE in the Sky is now a reality! Projected Interactive Environments is a technology initiative Say Design is pioneering with the likes of Disney Imagineering to create a truly engaging experience that pulls the audiences into the world by literally encapsulating them into a virtual game environment. Combining the latest 3d game engine technology with solid game design and immersive CG and of course Interactivity!

Case Study #2

Enter: Nanotroopers

War of the Worlds inside-out. Aliens don’t die from a flu, they ARE the flu! In Nanotroopers you play the role of an Elite soldier retrofitted to control a platoon of Nanites (also taken from Elite forces) to battle a sinister alien plot to wipe out humanity using nanotechnology. Your heavyweapons are not only the most advanced and deadly every contrived, they are also

invisible because this fight is not in outer-space, but rather, inner-space. It will be the bloodiest fight ever fought against an enemy unseen. Microbiology degree will be a likely side-effect from this particular game addiction.

Case Study #3

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