FG_GoofyScene Say Design worked closely with Disney Imagineers to develop a rich experience full of excitement.  Kids use Splat-Masters to "paint" Goofy's Play House walls and furniture unveiling various random worlds with much to explore! We are so excited and thrilled to bring immersive fun and game innovation to popular Theme Parks around the world! This experience proved to be a top performer for the park since it's opening debut. For a better "glimpse" of the experience, please visit Disneyland Tokyo Resort or to save on plane tickets, watch the Video Teaser!

FG_Games Say Design has innovated and designed hundreds of games over the past 15 years. Games range from simple mini-games to advanced MMO Virtual Worlds. We have worked on most platforms and continue to advance in our capabilities with Theme Parks and Virtual Reality. We take great pride in the craft and welcome projects that allow us to push the envelopes of fun-factor!

FG_Education Say Design is passionate about education innovation. We've spent the last decade or so creating a wide range of educational games, worlds and various Learning and Assessment technologies for the likes of Stanford University, University of California Davis, University of California Santa Barbara, USC, Humana, Edison Learning and several more in the works too! Most of all we're excited to be partnering key visionaries of Academia and Game Legends to create an immersive adventure/mission driven VR & Mobile/Tablet Based learning world called Sky Sanctuary. We are currently inviting a world-class advisory board and strategic partners to join us in this game changer for learning world-wide. Feel free to contact us for more information and how you can get involved!

We have worked hard with our partners to create experiences and games we can be proud of. In 25 years of collaboration with some of the greatest teams and brands in the world we have learned that the best clients to have are the repeating kind. To that end we take every project as seriously as if it were our own internal project. We look forward to many more engagements with startups and established organizations alike!